Cowboy Dog

Some treasures are being uncovered as I clean out the attic. I found this awesome 80/90’s cowboy fabric and figured it was time to make a cowboy dog. Then I uncovered a box of leather pieces and the plan came together.

I yearned for a fringed vest or jacket as a teen. I thought they were SO cool 🤣

He has a snack in his bag.

The cowboy hat was what I was most worried about but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

He has “surprised” ears!

A Lady Gardening Dog

She has a sunhat, a gardening apron, and a basket of flowers. Also, a soft cashmere sweater and a garden journal.

I’m having fun with the hats again. I wanted a better way to keep them on the doggie heads and I figured out I can Make a loop around the ears. More hats ahead!

She has a flowery Liberty lawn shirt. Her basket is filled with little (cloth) flowers, mostly from vintage hats.