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Hopefully I am getting this in right under the wire. This is my Month of Softies contribution. I named it Chimera because that word and idea has been buzzing around in my head since I heard it said in a discussion of stem cell research.

I didn’t think I was going to participate. The monster theme had no appeal. But I kept thinking about it when I saw what people were coming up with. I was thinking that a cuddly toy isn’t my idea of a monster. I thought about what monster means to me- I got stuck on the sea monster idea, a giant squid or something. Then I saw this and this drawing by Mariana Massarani and I got really inspired!

She is made from my (box) graveyard of reject doll parts. 6 hands and 1 head. The body is made of a linen napkin I got last November and a piece of silk that was somebodies curtain once. The napkin has a large purple H embroidered on it- I used it as part of the body. I used vintage trims inherited from my mother and mother-in-law’s stashes. The buttons are mostly from a jar that my neighbor gave me before she moved last summer. I think that’s everything.

I will post better pictures when the light is better.

7 thoughts on “Chimera

  1. I really love it !! It’s totally cool. And I think I probably read the same New York Times article about stem cell research your talking about… well done !!

  2. You are right, monsters shouldn’t really be cuddly. Your’s are magnificant and scarry. Could give any child nightmares I think. Like a very sad girl trapped inside a fish – a mermaid theme gone mad? :-) Nice work.

  3. She’s wonderful!

    It’s funny, I’ve been ruminating on the word chimera lately also, I wonder where it came from. I’ve also heard it more than a few times in the past few weeks, enough that I’ve started correcting people’s pronunciation of it (picky picky me).

  4. LOL – she is lovely and very cool! I keep wondering if she has trouble co-ordinating all her hands to pull in the same direction when swimming.

  5. The chimera is also a monster used in the old Dungeons and Dragons game, so the name is very fitting. Yours is really very creepy (a compliment). I think it is the beautiful human face on the strange monstrous body that does it. Very well done!

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