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I am going to do a workshop this summer on making a gourd head doll. I have no experience doing this type of teaching and I’m very nervous. I am doing a test workshop tomorrow, with just one friend. I am trying to be more aware of how I do things… and also simplifying how I usually do things.
Test faces-


I have to make notes about the colors I’m using. I have never had to explain it before. I am making stencils for the facial features. I will have to figure out how to explain their placement. All gourds are different so one pattern wouldn’t work for every shape. I think I’ll learn a lot tomorrow.

I am making slow progress on my doll, though I really need to find her a name-


I had a terrible time finding the right fabric and color for her stockings. I must have pulled out at least 20 different fabrics to try. I think these are good. I had some lace all cut and dyed for her cuffs, but somewhere in the move back up to my attic, it got lost. It’ll turn up sometime, I’m sure.

The coat is close to finished. I got the darn lining in. I am working on these frog closures for it- although they are just decorative. The coat also has hook fasteners sewed in so they won’t show.


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  1. omg! i was just at rosa’s site looking at doll links thinking i wonder if mimi ever does classes — i don’t check your site every day so then i figured i’ll check mimi’s site and there was your post! somehow i believe you’ll do fine cuz you know your stuff.

  2. Congrats on the workshop. The unnamed one looks like she is up to something. Love her expression and her wardrobe.

  3. I love the fabric you’ve chosen for the coat. And the doll just looks like she’s sitting there patiently waiting for you to finish her.

    Good luck with the class.

  4. Mimi, the coat is just dreamy–I can’t gush enough. And so is the new doll. How do you name your dolls? Do you go by the meaning of the name, or just choose one that resonates?