ego boosting

I had a very strange experience this evening. I was reading through my bookmarked blogs and came across my name twice! So weird!

Once, here at il Bloggo where she has links to pictures of artists studios. I love looking at other peoples work spaces!

Then again at the fantasticly linky blog Art for Housewives. She has a great list of links to all kinds of dolls.

2 thoughts on “ego boosting

  1. Hahah, must be because a lot of people read YOUR blog, huh? I love your dolls as I think I’ve told you before, and I like your cluttered studio! If you lived closer I would like to take your class and learn more about doll making! I don’t know if all the details would be me, I’m really a “fast maker” of everything, but I’d like to try sometime. They are soooo cool! :-)

    Take care now!

  2. Mimi, I had the same type of experience, one of my customers sent me her blog where she had photos of my wool roving. I felt a little like an eavesdropper, some of the comments were so funny to read. Makes you feel good that someone notices your work. You and I have many of the same hobbies/obsessions. I haunt the local thrift store and many snippets and tools come home with me. My studio right now is packed to the rafters, and my goal is to regain control. Arrgh, wool avalanche LOOK OUT! Deb~Dudley

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