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One of the best things that happened in Philadelphia was the critiques I got on my work. All the visiting artists who had scheduled critiques set up their work on tables. We got to walk around and see the artwork of the other visiting artists. The NIADA artists walked around and gave feedback on the artwork in an informal way. After that, I had one-on-one critiques from Donna May Robinson and Shelley Thornton.

The critiques and comments were incredibly useful. People who commented were mostly very positive. The funny thing is, I mostly don’t remember the specific positive things people said- just that they said them; well also that they were informed and intelligent comments on colors use, form, construction, painting technique. I was most interested to hear what areas needed work. Also the direction I could push in- improving the body and clothing construction techniques, for instance. The most difficult part of showing my work was seeing some people just walk by- the work not engaging them at all.

In the end I think I learned the most by looking at the artwork of the members of NIADA. I never understood how excellent the work could be- I have now stretched my own definition of what will make me 100% satisfied with my own work and what I can aspire to.

This is Donna May Robinson and her work at the show-

donna may

and Shelley Thornton’s work-


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  1. I am so glad you heard positive things (or else I was going to have to start writing mean letters to some doll artists;)….ahh…Shelley Thortons work…one of my favorites of all times…it must have been amazing to see it up close….I am jealous;0)…so glad you had a good time and you have come back with inspiration it feels so good to look at stuff with a fresh eye and dive back in enthusiastically! Good for you!

  2. Glad you had a good time and got to see so many other doll artists. I’m glad you got lots of positive feedback and how to improve. Though honestly, I’d find it hard to say where you’d need to improve! I’m always impressed by your ideas/doll concepts.

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