I’ve been working very hard all week to get ready for my first teaching experience- a gourd head doll workshop. I’ve been so nervous!

These are the step-by-step face painting samples for the hand-out sheets.


My gourd head in progress- looking sort of smirky!


Now she has a body-


and all dressed-


Today was the first day of the workshop- working with the gourd. I had 7 students and everyone worked really hard.


Here is the results from today- It looks like a cute kindergarten class to me!


Tomorrow we do the bodies.

6 thoughts on “Workshop!

  1. Cool! I guess the natural narrowing and then bulbing out again at the bottom of the gourd shape is perfect for attaching the body. I like how it means you can also arrange the heads in that intermeshing way in the last photo :-).

  2. Mimi, your doll and those of your students are adorable – lucky 7 that were able to take your hands on class. I hope someday to get around to trying a gourd doll – I have several that would be perfect.

  3. I think the Gourd dolls you show have come out great, I never thought you could do a really nice doll with a gourd. I am sure everyone had a great time learning. Perhaps one day I will be able to take a class and learn how to make a gourd Doll.

  4. Looks like fun. I would hang those gourds on my wall as an art piece (you should see my walls). LOL They look great.

    Thanks for the NIADA pix & info, too.

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