It has been an unusually social week for me- house guest, valentine party, lunches with friends, and visiting the School of Fashion Design in Boston on Wednesday. I was invited by a friend who teaches there, to show my dolls to her class. It was great fun! Here are some photos I took while I was there-



On Thursday, I met up with another friend to get some framing done- I am trading her one of my dolls for a print-


All this is an excuse for why I don’t have any dolls to show- I had such big plans a week ago! In reality I haven’t even got things sorted out and back together since last week when I tore everything apart in search of white wool fabric. Ah well, maybe there will be new dolls to show next week!

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  1. I love the dressforms with the arms & legs– the lettering & numbering on them is really cool! It’d be great to see these turned into gigantic dolls!