two review!

Hey! It’s my blog birthday! It’s been 2 years and I’m amazed! I went back and looked at what I posted about on the other Feb. 13’s. I am going to do a review of all my unfinished doll projects- turned out that is what I did last year also. And it turns out, it is almost the same set of dolls! I am not good at going back and finishing things once I’ve moved on to something else. I need a show or something big with a deadline to really do that.

I’ll start from right now and go backwards. That way, if you get bored, at least you will have seen what I’m excited about today! Two fairies and a mermaid, in progress-


I love this- when I stuffed the legs, it made the fairy feet cross- looks like they are dancing!


and now for the other stuff…
several sweater babies cut out of polar fleece- yuck, I don’t like working with this stuff after the joy of recycled felted sweaters-

sweater babes

I still consider these next dolls active- am I cursing myself here? I am hoping to get back to work on these soon. These dolls are labor and concentration intensive- I had to stop working on them at the end of last summer when I got so distracted by family stuff.

3 dolls

I think the issue with these next dolls, is that I like these lovely ladies just the way they are!

lovely ladies

This little fellow just needs a little work, but will I ever go back and do it? I even know what I want to do- well I’m pretty sure anyway…

golden boy



and this poor man has been stuck sitting around in his Edwardian underwear since before I even started this blog!


Okay, even I’m bored now. Time to get back to work and into year 3!

13 thoughts on “two review!

  1. Happy Blog Birthday! Even in their unfinished state your dolls are beautiful. The group of three little girls is particularly enchanting!

  2. I love this entry! Happy blog birthday and thanks for sharing all the “candid” photos. Your dolls are just amazing. I will hopefully get to see one in person one day!! I would love to learn more about dollmaking myself. There are so many books out there…I took several out of my library and they weren’t really what I wanted. Do you have any favorites or any suggestions?

  3. Even your unfinished work is gorgeous! Hey, I’d be happy to take one of your ladies and the Edwardian gentleman off your hands! Name a price. Seriously. Email me if you think you might want to sell them “as is”.

  4. Happy belated birthday. I love the look of unfinished dolls… maybe more than finished ones. What a gorgeous backlog you have!

    I’m with Bettsi. If you ever have an ‘as is’ sale, send me an invite.

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