misty morning baby

First of all- Happy Halloween everyone!

This is the last baby for a while. I used mostly heathery wools and it made me think of mist.

side and back-



And here are all the babies, together in the sun. I bought that antique doll baby carriage at a charity sale a few years ago. I must admit I love playing with it, as in posing my dolls in it and such… It lives in my entryway and I put my finished dolls in it after I photograph them- an unusual storage system, I guess.

12 thoughts on “misty morning baby

  1. hi, just wanted to post to say that i have just finished listening to your crafty pod interview, it was really interesting. i make dolls but have gravitated towards softies recently, am now feeling inspired to go back to crafting legs and arms again instead of wings, beaks and whiskers!

  2. I really love that photo of them together, sunning themselves in their carriage, two asleep and three wide-eyed. If I had five real babies to take care of, though, I might go crazy.

  3. Your babies are beautiful! I love to look at them and see what you have added each day. I love the photo with alysum, the little white flowers, favorites from my childhood. Also, the picture of all together is wonderful: the dolls themselves and the carriage, lighting, etc.

    I don’t know why, but every time I see these babies I think of that old 70′s song with the line “wonderful baby, livin’ on love.” The tune just pops into my head! I use to sing the first stanza to my live babies, in the 80′s!

  4. Your dolls are amazing! I found you from your craftypod interview and just had to see what these looked like. My initial thought was that they reminded me of those Russian nesting dolls! They are simply adorable! Love your art!

  5. Wow, the babies are gorgeous! I think “Water Baby” is my favourite but I’ll probably change my mind and have a new favourite the next time I look at the photos!

  6. beautiful work. being I live in New York. are these for purchase. would love to have a small one.

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