I’m going to New York

I’ll be in New York City next week.  Any ideas for meet-ups or shows I shouldn’t miss?  I haven’t been paying attention and now I am only remembering interesting shows that are over.

I got some treasure yesterday-  lucky me!  Now for the picking over and sorting fun.

I have put some stuff into my Etsy shop.  Some of it is artwork that came back from Craftland.  Other things are of the -clearing out for the new year- category.  Those include felted ball pincushions and also bug pins.  I’m not finished posting yet… hopefully the bug pins will go up later today.

12 thoughts on “I’m going to New York

  1. Love these button pictures! I inherited so many wonderful buttons from my husband’s grandmother — they are such fun to look at and have inspired some interesting designs. Have fun with these!

  2. My favorite stop is Daytona Braids & Trimmings 251 West 39th Street 212-354-1713. I love them so much that I carry their card around with me in my wallet. :) They have every kind of trim imaginable. Ric rac, lace, ribbon, buttons, marabou, yarn, acrylic felt in every color, patches, beads … There are some other great fabric and notions stores on that block, too.

  3. what a great find in those buttons! nothing is as much fun as a big box of old buttons it seems. have a great trip – hope today is not a travel day. if you are in brooklyn you should enjoy some lunch at Brawta… on Atlantic near nevins. it’s wonderful. oh, you were talking fiber things not food… heh.

  4. I can only think of a few at the moment (the shame!)

    “The Museum of Arts and Design” has an exhibit on Extreme Embroidery, I haven’t checked it out yet but it looks fun.

    “The Market, NYC” features accessories and clothing created by young contemporary designers. It’s interesting to see what these hip New Yorkers are making. Open weekends only I think.

    If you’re checking out Daytona Trims stop by M&J Trimming too (their prices are a little higher but fun to see if you’re in the neighborhood).

    Since you have an ETSY store maybe you’d enjoy stopping by the ‘ESTY Lab’ in Brooklyn. I’m not sure what events they have going on there that week.

    Museum of Arts and Design:
    53rd street between 5th and 6th avenue

    The Market, NYC
    268 Mulberry Street (between Prince and Houston)

    M&J Trimming:
    1008 Sixth Avenue
    Between 37th & 38th Sts

    ETSY Lab:
    325 Gold Street, 6th Floor, Brooklyn NY, 11201.

  5. Mimi, New York I love. Sadly I haven’t had the opportunity to go in many years…

    I do however recall that Canal Street has awesome stores, like the plastics supermarket, and lots of great little shops with metal findings and stuff like that. Also I do recommend eating a knish on the street, preferably outside the Metropoliatan Museum of Art. Have a wonderful time.


  6. I’m not sure whether or not it’s still there, but the Jewish Museum had a show of William Steig’s work.

  7. Have fun in NYC…don’t forget to check out Tinsel Trading…you are probably there already :) I am slow lately at checking out all my friends blogs :(

  8. Buttons! My seemingly endless supply of buttons inherited from my late Mother’s collection is starting to dwindle. I am keeping my eyes open but, living in a rather isolated area, the opportunities to even look are few. Your pic has given me new energy around my hunt!
    Hope you’re having a great trip!

  9. How lovely to find so many beautiful buttons. I feel like it is such a treasure hun to dig through them and organize. Have fun with them and on your NY trip too!

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