Amazing days!

Wow- I should go away more often! What an amazing few days it has been!

We had a wonderful time in New York but more about that in another post. We left Boston on Monday morning in a snow storm.


That is Mass Ave, and if you know the area at all, you know it is very unusual to see it so empty at 9:30 am on a Monday morning.

When I checked my email on Tuesday morning, I discovered that I’d been mentioned by Kathreen of Whip-Up fame, in her role as Guest Blogger on Design Sponge. Yikes! I was floating for the rest of the day! and then Craftzine! I got many more of comments, emails and Etsy convos then I normally get- and unfortunately was not able to reply to my emails from the hotel- emails in- yes, out- no. I’ve come home to an enormous backlog of correspondence to catch up on, packages to get out, and ideas in my head that need working on- A great way to start a new year!

Thanks for visiting any one who is new here!

3 thoughts on “Amazing days!

  1. Fantastic, mimi! Love the pic of Mass Ave, too. Never would have recognized it! Have fun with the fan mail and here’s wishing you a fabulously famous 2008!

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