so much going on


Now, to business- I continue to be in the mood for cutting out so I am piling up the zip-lock bags.

This basket holds 12 bags of fox. I pulled out my bin of orange wool and basically cut up anything that was big enough. Then, when I was done and had moved on the the next thing, I found one more sweater. It’s in the fox basket, waiting for me to get back to these.

And dogs. I never got to fully play with the pattern when I first drew it up. Now I’ve done some modifications (different varieties) and am in the midst of cutting out a bunch. That meant pulling out all the stripes-

And all the wool that seemed like “dog”.

I also cut out some more Lumberjacks and also some new design wool men- I will keep it a surprise. You know, in case it turns out to be a big flop. I am having a great time, pulling out all the bins and enjoying all the fabrics. Of course my studio looks like a bomb went off but I will get it all back in place soon enough.

I got my box of samples back from that book project I contributed to. I’d sent these off a year ago! I’m happy to have them home again.

Let me see. What else do I have to report? I will be in Brooklyn for the Renegade Craft Fair on June 23 and 24. It is in a new venue- Williamsburg Waterfront. I am so excited to be participating again this year!

I applied to be in the San Francisco Renegade show in July. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Flying across country to do a show is a bit scary but I’d love to try!

I’ve been kept away from my studio for more time than I’d like by too much computer-based business but it always needs to be done. The Land of Nod work was keeping me busy last week and is moving forward. So much going on!

Last thing- I have decided that I’d like to try hiring someone to help with my sewing. I’m thinking that I’d start with just 1/2 day per week and see how it goes. If you are local to me and are interested, shoot me an email- I’ll be putting signs up at some local fabric stores. Not sure how else to find the right person. The latest Craftypod interview with Lorna’s Laces gave me the last little push that I needed (I’d been thinking about it all week!) to explore hiring someone.

7 thoughts on “so much going on

  1. If you make it out here for Renegade, I will trek out there to see you! I owe you big hugs for the vintage Japanese crochet magazine!

  2. I WISH I was local to you, that would be a super great job! The Netherlands isn’t quite near you, is it?

    This post made me laugh.. “wool that seemed like ‘dog” “cut some lumberjacks” and then the photo with the legs sticking out of a bag.. Hahaha great.. :)

  3. Thanks for posting WIP pictures – they’re always so interesting. I hope you find your Girl Friday quickly and painlessly!

  4. Wonderful organization Mimi! I imagine going through your fabrics sparks other ideas too.
    I too wish I was local to you to apply for that job!

  5. I put the SFO Renegade Craft Fair on the calendar and am hoping to get up there to see you! And congrats in being in a get-it-done mood!’

  6. Looking forward to seeing you (in real life) at Renegade. Power of positive thinking!

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