Lady #2

I feel like I am very out of practice. I take photos of my finished dolls. When I look through them later, I don’t love the face. So, I throw away those photos and rework something or other. New photos are taken. Then I notice there is a random thread on the doll’s face. How did I miss that! More photos discarded and reshot. All this is an explanation of why there are sometimes delays. 😝

They get posted eventually!

Merman with Dreams of Horses

Horses and tentacles- I’m not really sure how they go together.

He has a dark peach or tan skin color.

I probably need to take another photo of his skeleton tattoos’ head. The skull isn’t showing.

He has silver rickrack and a button with a horseman going the other way. Both of the belt components have a personal history. Anytime I use some metallic rickrack, it comes from costume making for my kids when they were little. So probably at least 30 years old. The button is reclaimed from a poncho my Mom made me when I was 12. It makes me happy to give them new life.

Skeleton Lady on his back.

I figured a pool photo was the perfect place for a Merman.

The 2 last fish for now

And finally, the last 2.

This rusty red plaid is gorgeous.

And then a blue fish.

The apartment is coming along, most of the boxes are unpacked, and some of the art is hung. The studio is also moving forward. I will post some more photos soon. I mean it is still kind of a disaster, but things are happening 🤣 Forward progress is being made!