more on my fun day


After I finished at Pasa Yarns, I drove to Sturbridge, to the Wrights Factory Outlet for more treasure hunting. This is the first time I’ve shopped at the beginning of the month- all the prices go down on the first of every month. It made shopping even more fun! So many bargains! The best stuff I got was two 3/4 yd. pieces of feather and bead trim ($5 a yd), 2 colors of bead on wire (.42 a yd), a fabulous feathery silver metallic (.29 a yd), and a yard of Mokuba ribbon- white with black polka dot(yikes- $5.49). They had all their Mokuba ribbon at half price, but it is still so expensive, especially compared to everything else in the store, that I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on any except this small bit- I love polka dots!- and a more reasonably priced 2 yd piece of gold.

I also got lots of metallic and black mini ric-rac for the bug pins (20 packages at 12 packs for a dollar), 18 packs (3 yds each) of Mokuba embroidery ribbon in assorted varieties, textures and colors, for 3 packs for $1. I got lots of spools of ribbon for the bugs, some for as low as .25 a 10 yd spool! All the right jewel colors too! Then I got some black velvets in various widths. I wonder how they would work on bugs? Also, some assorted gold trims (at .15 a yd, how can I resist!)… never know when I’ll have to dress another king and a really 70’s brown leather fringe… I don’t know- it just spoke to me.

Oh yeah, the spool of ribbon flowers for $4. I will have to bring some of these to doll club to share. I discovered that you can paint these flowers with diluted acrylic paint and so have any color you want.

Somehow I managed to get through my shopping spree with money left in my pocket- my budget was $100- although I came home with more than I could carry into the house in one trip!

Great day and lots of new and inspiring materials.