my creative process?


The individual parts of this doll seem to be finished and I am feeling very dissatisfied. It might worry me except that it happens every time I get to this part of the project.
I keep thinking of E’s essay on the writing process. Different but the same.
My process goes something like this- Something plants the seed of an idea; a photograph, a painting, a piece of fabric or trim. The idea ferments, usually for months. Finally I get to work. I go through waves of satisfying flow and then frustration until I get to this point and I hate what I’ve done… then I tweak it and can usually get to a place where I am happy.
I am looking at what I’ve got. The face needs something. I keep seeing a shadow of Michael Jackson. Scary. Maybe it’s the hair. The hair isn’t right… hmm. A hat? Would that make the difference? The pants need to be shortened. They are rolled in this picture. The cape? Lining? An environment?
Oh, jeesh, I don’t know.

One thought on “my creative process?

  1. I’m glad you kept the socks and shoes. They have such character! I like your idea to shorten the pants and change the hair too. Would you consider braids going down both sides of the head or pigtails with some not so fancy ribbons?

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