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Here is where I am… it is a good project to travel with. It doesn’t wrinkle and is a nuetral and fun topic of conversation.
I am thinking it will be a trash container for my studio… basket type.
Thoughts and observations about this recyled bag (basket) project-
-I am using an I size crochet hook.
-It takes an entire cut up grocery store size bag to do ONE row!
-I prefer to work with bags of similar weight.
-I am going to run out of bags before I finish this.
Thoughts and observations about crochet recycled bag projects in general-
-weight and texture of the bags
-size of the bags
-how wide you cut the strips
-number of stitches around the project
Determining patterns-
-length of strip
-color of strip
-the order in which you put them together
-number of stitches around the project
-you can make horizontal stripes- easy, just connect a lot of the same color as you go around.
-vertical stripes- figure out how many stitches you can make per loop, have your total stitches divisible by that number so that the same colors pile on top of each other as you go around. You connect the loops together, alternating colors.
-By alternating colors, you can also make diagonal stripes- determined by the total number of stitches it takes to go around.
-you could have different size vertical stripes on the same project by using big bags (big loops) and small bag loops.
-If you have lots of bags of different sizes and a few different colors, you could make bulging undulating vertical stripes!
and then there is texture, but I’m not thinking about that…

2 thoughts on “recycle bag bag

  1. Awesome post! I’ve been collecting good colors of plastic bags to make a bag. Great timing – I should bring it on vacation next week to work on.

  2. I love the colors you have used so far! I cut my bags about 1″ wide for the strips and use the double strand method where I interlink the bags together to create a ball of “yarn.” I have found if I go too wide it’s hard to work with. I use a old metal “N’ crochet hook for most projects and a smaller hook to weave in the ends and finish off the product.

    Most of my projects are made with Hdc stitch as I have found this to work best for me. I just started doing some Motifs and a granny square stitch for products and they work well too using recycled plastic bags.


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