The marketing part of the art/craft business is what I am really bad at… I work away and I am running out of space for my finished dolls- I really have no clue how to sell these dolls. I tried out some of the doll specific shows, but what I do is so different, they might as well have been invisible. I have contacted a few galleries, places I was connected with when I worked in clay, but they wouldn’t even consider something called a doll… makes me want to come up with a new name! So, today I send out a few more enquires…

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  1. Hi Mimi,

    I love your dolls and would love to buy one! What do you charge and why not list one at a time on your blog? Or how about the new auction thingy at dollstreetdreamers?

    Lee Pope

  2. I know what you mean…

    Lee’s suggestion sounds good – why not replace the doll on the blog page for one that you are selling right now? If you have several dolls available you could even use one of those “random images” scripts ( ).

    I would also try eBay – many doll artists sell their works there.


  3. Hi Mimi!

    Your dolls are so beautiful. I highly recommend selling them through ebay with advertising through your blog. I have had good experiences with this myself (although it’s early days for me!). Word will spread, and people love buying something that they have been able to read about as it’s being made.

  4. Your dolls are beautiful….wonderful! I do know what you are going through…my suggestion would be to look up other artists online and see where they are selling their work and approach those stores. i.e. (her work is wonderful and I think some of the stores hers are carried in would compliment yours also)… I would also do the blog/ebay thing too. You also may want to contact a magazine such as country living, country home, and mary engelbreit…they would be some great free advertising…..

  5. Mimi,
    I have not seen your dolls but I have a little shop in connecticut and if you e mail me maybe we can talk , I can view your dolls and maybe you can sell some out of my shop. I just love Nicole Sayres dolls and I also make angels and santas but I now have no time so please e mail me and if you have friends that do other types of art I may be interested Thank You and Blessings to all