Open Studio Report


Well, let’s see… I think I would say that it was very good to be showing my dolls in a store that is already about textiles. No one who came in seemed to think it is very odd that I make dolls. Not very many people came. Maybe I can blame it on the misprint on the Open Studios map. They had the wrong street number listed… some people who came said they had almost given up looking. Gerry, who owns the store, said it was slow even for a regular weekend! Thank you so much, all of you who made it. I really appreciate it!


The big news is that I sold a doll! This doll is called “Asia Baby” and there are more pictures of her here. I left 3 dolls in the store to see if they attract any attention.

I always feel it is worthwhile doing something like the Open Studio. I never know who will show up and it will always be more people then would come up to my attic any day! Someone who never thought they’d be interested in a doll might be caught or I might meet someone who has been interested in dolls for years, lives right around the corner from me, and I never knew them. Plus, it gives me a deadline to finish up projects and that is something I need.

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  1. Congratulations on a successful Open Studio, Mimi. It’s so nice to get the dolls in front of live people for a change. Even if they don’t all sell, I think it’s great for artists to get their work into the public eye in a retail venue at least once or twice a year. Displaying and *selling* are good things.