other projects slowly chugging along…


I’ve done a little bit of work on these- Gesso is done- 2 coats, sanded. The base coat of skin tone is on the arms and heads. I can’t do the legs until I costume them. Since the socks and shoes are painted on, I have to wait to see what they are wearing.
I found a new place to hang them while the paint is drying- from clips on the side of my ironing board!

dolls drying

I have also managed to get my act together enough to work on something for Marta’s Tsunami Quilt Project.


Usually, when I read about a project like this, I have very good intentions to get involved, but somehow, when I get up to my studio, it flies right out of my head. I am trying to be better. This is probably also a better time of year for me to try some of these group endeavors. Here is my start-


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  1. I always enjoy the pictures of doll parts… and thanks a lot for making a square for the project, and for the link!!!