what’s going on

This is the fabric I got on my expedition to Sturbridge last week-


I’ve been cleaning my workroom. First I make an even bigger mess-


I pulled everything out of the closet, made big piles on every available surface-

more piles

even more

I am moving furniture around- I moved another old bureau into the room and moved a small table out. I am trying to go through everything. Deciding what should be kept or what needs a new home. The pile of craft items up for adoption isn’t as big as I wish- I have a really hard time parting with stuff- but I have made some progress.

When I put things back, I always struggle over how to sort things. Should the fabrics be sorted by color, material or size of the piece? The worst problem is always the buttons- I have so many that I really like but I’ve never come up with a good system so that I can see what I’ve got. When I have things back together I will post more photos.

I got tired of organizing and cleared off a little space to get back to work on dolls. I really need to finish something! Tomorrow- doll posting. Todays photos of the project were fuzzy so I’ll try again.

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  1. I don’t know how many buttons you have but what I use is one of those clear plastic boxes you find in the fishing tackle department. They are about 9 x 15 (or bigger – I’m just guessing here) and if you buy a couple of them you can take the dividers from 2 boxes and put them all in one. You have to look for the ones that have the adjustable dividers. They are cheap too! I sorted my buttons by color and it’s working pretty well.

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