furry stuff- boots and vest

shoe making- I’m loving my new little alligator clip clamps.


Here they are, all done. The red leather is from an old glove- very thin leather, so nice to work with.


vest- mink trim- the mink was a gift from Lois- Thanks!


Here she is in her finery.


I have to sew closures on the tunic, pants and vest. The wig needs work- either remaking it from scratch or redyeing the one I’ve made or something.

I will be away for the rest of the week- too bad, since I feel like I’m on a roll.

3 thoughts on “furry stuff- boots and vest

  1. Ok… let’s get one thing straight… I do not have a shoe fetish… BUT I LOVE THOSE FURRY LITTLE BOOTS!!!! They are so schweet!

  2. I have been working to much to read my favorite blogs, and look at all the wonderful things you have done while I was away! I missed Ione’s naming! She is wonderful, and I like the new socks much better with the colors she is wearing.

    The frog closures on the new doll’s vest are beautiful, and I love the ingenious straps on the boots. It is those kinds of embellishments that make something special, and as always your faces are so intriguing! I can’t wait for more!

  3. Thanks for your compliment on my felted figures, coming from such a talented lady is an even bigger compliment. Your dolls are amazing, so beautifully detailed absolutely wonderfull. I also enjoyed your studio-tour. I’m so jealous, you’ve got a studio just for yourself. I so much would love to have that. I’m afraid my livingroom, bedroom and kitchen are my studio so guess you can imagen what it looks like sometimes ;0)

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