Auctions, goodies and progress notes

Skinner Auction House is having a doll auction on Nov. 3. I hope I can get out to the preview. There are some things I’d love to see in person- deco ladies, pin cushion doll, Door of Hope child, Dewees Cochran doll, and some great automaton toys.

Did you get your copy of Jess Hutch’s knitting pattern book? I can’t wait to get mine! I really admire anyone who can put patterns onto paper for another person to use- I have tried and find it incredibly difficult.

more heads

And I’m working on more ways to make an animal head… doing the teddy bear pattern is fun, but not really what I’m looking for- there are 21 pieces in the pattern! And it is only going to be about 5″ tall! I am trying to make a sewing pattern that will produce a look similar to the kitties I knitted, especially this one.

3 thoughts on “Auctions, goodies and progress notes

  1. Thanks for the Skinner’s reminder. I wouldn’t want to miss that. I haven’t gotten JH’s book yet (but should). Love that you are making more kitties.

  2. I bought the book as well…now I just have to learn to knit!!
    I love your santa!! amazing! I always find such wonderful things on your site!!

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