robots in progress

This is what I’ve been working on-


After I made the robot heads it seemed that the bodies would be easy, but it hasn’t worked out that way… getting started is easy until I hit the next block. So, I’ve been working on these in an unusual (for me lately) way. I get started until I can’t figure out what comes next and then I pick up a different head. So, I’ve got 4 in progress.

I am always amazed when people show their desks and it is a calm sanctuary of space and work gets done there. My workspace always looks like a tornado is in progress. Well, except when I am not getting anything done and I’m in some kind of funk. This is a tiny bit of my desk today-


See that blue wool ball? I tried that out as a body for the blue head robot- I didn’t like it, but it gave me an idea for the brown headed one- I am trying to go bobble-headed for that one.

I bought myself a bunch more bobbins on ebay- I feel so rich!


0 thoughts on “robots in progress

  1. I love them all! My workspace seems organized in my mind, but it reality it looks a lot like yours.

  2. have you any more robots like #1?
    They are great and actually a wave of the future? Thanks, barbara