soggy weather

It has been raining here in the Boston area for the past 10 days.

soggy pansies that never got out of their 6-pack-


wet allium looking discouraged-






and droopy blossoms on the dogwood-


4 thoughts on “soggy weather

  1. it is the same here in NH. my kids have been home from school for two days and the garden is just one big pit of mud. Oh well, sun is on its way, hopefully!!!

  2. My columbine is blooming, too! Despite all that rain. Amazing. I’m hoping for some sun later this week. Am I crazy?

  3. you did the best you could do in rainy weather, enjoyed the flowers and took beautiful photos! wow!

  4. Somehow the blossoms look even more beautiful in the rain. What vibrant colors! Beauty in the garden as well as in the studio. You are a rich woman indeed.

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