this past week

nothing terribly interesting got accomplished. I got the air conditioner off the floor and into the window and it’s been cold and rainy since then. I was inspired to do some cleaning in my studio (much needed)… boring, boring, boring. The floor and desk under all my piles is now clean so I’ve started back to work- here are the in progress shots of this week-

the one that’s going well-


and the one that’s not-


and here is Mango, our very camera shy kitty, trying on a box for size-


“ah, just right!”

I was suppose to participate in a street wide yard sale today, but it got rained out- I am keeping my fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow since I now have a big pile of junk sitting by my front door- ack! And of course, I am just dying to go shopping for my neighbors junk!

3 thoughts on “this past week

  1. Hope tomorrow is nice and bright. Here in PA it was rainy and had big gusts yesterday…today was just right. Actually, the wind was so bad yesterday there was a small hurricane! I was shocked and right within two feet of it. But we were all right. Others weren’t however (it was at a relay for life event). Not sure if your weather is connected to ours in the way of fronts, but it’s something to consider.

    Anyway, looks like you’re having a peaceful time…which is always a good thing! :)

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