back to work, sort of…

I had a great expedition up to the Fiber Studio. It was a beautiful day for a drive and so after scooting up on the highways, we meandered back to Boston on back roads. I bought wool roving and batting to do wet felting. There was such an amazing assortment of colors and types of sheep and all kinds of other variables that I don’t know how to figure into the equation… so I chose solely based on color. Well, actually I bought a bag of assorted colors (the smaller balls) and then filled in with what wasn’t in that. I like playing with felt for doll hair and embellishments. I was inspired by these juggling ball also, so who knows where I’ll go with it.


Now I’m back to work starting with postcards. Here is what I’ve done in the past 2 days- 7 postcards, ironed onto the backing but I still have to satin stitch around the edge and then cut them apart. I’m working on a “Seasons” theme.


7 thoughts on “back to work, sort of…

  1. Gaaah! Your verification codes are the worst! I often have to re-type my comments because I get it wrong the first time! (Okay, sorry, rant over!)
    I just want to tell you that those postcards look amazing, as usual! Really, really pretty. One of these days I will treat myself to one! Also, glad to hear you had a good experience at the sale. From the photos, your table looked great!

  2. Those are gorgeous colours. I too often just pick up a variety of colours when I go to shows as there is so much that your brain gets overloaded!
    Those postcards look beautiful.

  3. thanks for linking to my juggling balls – I hope you manages to make some and enjoyed the process – and always nice to find a felty blog!
    take care

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