another day out of the studio

I spent another day out of my studio… when I have been away for a while, it can be hard to get back into the groove. Today, I drove down to Cape Cod and had lunch and a visit with Salley Mavor. I got to see the projects she is working on, such as this self-portrait-

She is also working on a book of nursery rhymes- she has been working on it for 2 years and thinks it will be another 2 years before it is finished. She showed me pages and pages of her beautiful work. It is truly inspirational. I picked her brain about card making and selling and also about book publishing. All so interesting. And, Theresa, she has your magnet on her fridge!
desk photos- I love to see how people work!


All the beads on the pipe cleaners have little faces painted on them-


Bags of flower parts, sorted by color-


8 thoughts on “another day out of the studio

  1. Oooh how fun to go and visit with another artist. Salley’s wee folk are the most darling little things ever. But I’m really intrigued by her self-portrait that she’s working on. Sounds like you had a great time too. :-)


  2. Lucky you! I’ve been a fan of Salley’s ever since the 80s (70s??) when she was selling little pins from a precious handmade catalog (which I still own, as well as a wee house pin.) I had initially read about her in a small blurb in the Boston Globe Sunday magazine.

  3. How cool!!!

    Can you believe I was making that style of doll for 2yrs before I even heard of her? In retrospect that just seems bizarre to me. What rock was I living under?

    I adore her work! Thanks for the peek into her work space. I wonder if her embroidery floss stash is as crazy as mine!

    Love the self portrait!!

  4. wow! i’m stunned. i had NO idea you two were pals. you have probably guessed by now i am a HUGE Salley fan. and i’m thrilled to hear she’s working on another book…one more for my collection :).

    great shots of her studio…i’m always curious to see the creative process.

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