a bit cranky…

I am in a funk.  I did my taxes over the weekend.  Every single year I have the same experience- I add it up, do the subtraction and think- why am I doing this art thing?  I know perfectly well that it’s not for the money, but still-  It is so depressing.  And I know I will wallow in  self-doubt and criticism for a few days, and then I’ll get over it and get back to work.  I’m just not there yet.

Have you seen this post on Screaming Lulu? Click on the link and watch the film. I feel like this all the time.

And I agree with a lot of what this Crabby Old Lady has to say. Good advise for making your blog user-friendly. Via, In a Minute Ago.  My particular peeve is music… I read blogs by opening up a lot of tabs and when one starts playing music- argh!  I unsubscribe.

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  1. Heh. I read her list, and aside from the capitalization and paragraphs thing, I think every single one of them is fixed either natively by Firefox or by a plugin I’ve installed. It’s a wonderful thing, except when I’m fixing someone else’s computer and I try to use their web browser… not only do all of those things invariably come up, but now my tolerance for them has eroded. My mother in particular is accustomed to hearing me scream “GAAH! MY EYES! HOW CAN YOU USE THIS THING?” as part of the computer-fixing ritual.

  2. Taxes will make anyone cranky! That’s why I leave them to my husband!


  3. I’ve been in a funk since January ended, just generally, and don’t quite know why, and it seems it’s everything. I have years of bookkeeping to catch up with, and I hate that type of task. Hence, I’ve been procrastinating.
    And that doesn’t help my anxiety at all. Can you say vicious cycle? At least you got yours done, congrats!

  4. Oh yes, music on websites–why, why, why? When I first started selling on Ebay about 10 years ago, people would put music on their auctions and the help board I frequented would explain over and over how it was probably hurting their sales, that many people just exit. I particularly hate it when it’s about 1AM, I’m still sitting up enjoying some late night browsing, I click on a blog link and music starts blaring because I’ve forgotten to turn the volume down on something I was listening to earlier.

    The dating pages is a good point, and something I’ve neglected to do on my own website.

  5. Music on websites, I have the exact same reaction. And when taxes get done around here I am sure I will be in the same funk – realizing that I broke even on my yarn purchases or something like that. Yipee.

  6. I can so relate. At least people in art get to enjoy creating. How many 9-5ers can say that? Paying bills is over-rated.
    And I must say, while I also dislike blog music, I am guilty of the punctuation and capitalization offense! Shame.

  7. Hey..was well in the funk and haven’t done any taxes… feeling better due to an extended bunch of sunshine , but I definitely hear you.

    Great film. Love the comment about the Music… I Think We’re all Bozos on This Bus had a great rant about it this morning too.

    http://www.ithinkwereallbozos.com/ ( she’s really funny..)

  8. I really enjoyed the short film, and crabby ladies peeves. I know what you mean about being an artist. Love to create, but it doesn’t pay the bills(thank goodness for my husband). I’m also a doll artist and that is even weirder than being a painter or a sculpter. But I digress.

  9. Oh, thank goodness you were talking about another Crabby Old Lady! (Not that I’m not one, mind you . . . )

    I thought I was a pioneer on the no-music front–thank goodness it’s becoming a movement!

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