more on the CHA trip

The Orlando CHA show was probably 80% scrapbooking related, at least. Scrapbooking is not really my thing, but I still managed to find some booths that caused me some serious crafty supply lust.

When I saw this booth, I literally gasped. Why do I love this stuff? I have no idea! It has no application for the work I do, but… I just love it!

The Clover booth was the only sewing related company I saw at the show. There were lots of fun gadgets to think about. One thing I was intrigued by- a light to attach to your rotary cutter. Sounds like a very good idea. I watched a demo of their new rose making devise. Can’t have too many fabric flowers!

And then there was the May Arts booth. Please, can I have one of each?!

You see these spools? 100% silk. Sigh. I have got to find a place that sells it in the Boston area.

Other fun happenings- I got to say hi to the famous Crafty Chica.

It is strange how you feel like you know someone after you’ve listened to a few podcast interviews. Hope I didn’t come off as too stalker-ish. She had a photo box (not sure what they are called?) in the iLovetoCreate booth-

Mimi as Chica- not quite sure it works.

And speaking of podcasts, I also met and talked with Margot Potter, The Impatient Crafter, who was recently on Craftypod. Carol Duvall was somewhere in the building, but I missed her.

That will be all for now on the Florida trip. I was hoping to have a finished doll to post today, but instead I have one shelf and 2 bulletin boards hung up in the new studio. That took me all day!

2 thoughts on “more on the CHA trip

  1. Thanks for the update, Mimi. My hubby and I have been told that we might want to sell our kits at the CHA, but sounds like it might not be the best venue, considering all of the scrapbook stuff.
    Cute photo of Mimi as Chica!

  2. I know why I love that first booth you show. It’s the grid. And the repetition. I’ll buy yesterday’s rubbish if its displayed repetitiously and in a grid.

    I have to watch out for this. Many of my photos from overseas trips have that grid thing going, as well as repetition.

    Of course, I have no idea what they’re selling (I couldn’t enlarge the photo), but it was cool looking.

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