My head is all over the place these days. I am still working on settling into my studio- although I am at the point that when I think of something to change it tends to be an improvement instead of just a reshuffle. I have partially finished projects everywhere.

I am loving the morning light in the studio. Here is some test work for kitty pattern- using different fabrics, reconsidering how I do things, thinking about clothes-


I’ve got these four Purl girls done and waiting to be dressed-

You see the one with the decorations on her? My little friends from next door came over and decorated a whole lot of my unfinished dolls for me! Scraps and pins.


More decorated unfinished dolls-


This one only got a little bit of color. And next to the baby, an unfinished tiny world.


Here is the pile of fabric that will eventually get dyed for some more tattooed people-


Yep- these ones. I am working on a tall lady design to go with the more round version.


And, more wool balls for the workshop next weekend. I need to have some small ones. Last time, several people brought very small cups and I didn’t really have exactly the right thing.


I actually got the wool balls done today- hurray! One thing off the list!

11 thoughts on “discombobuated

  1. I’m really excited to see more of the tattooed dolls! And I really love the baby – I bet it looks even cuter up close! :)

  2. I always have trouble spelling that dis-come-bob-ulated word! Mimi, I love your work and your blog. Your photos are really good. Would you do a blog entry of your snap shot and beyond skills. Hints for those of us still struggling. Seems the longest task for me in blog posting is getting the pictures! Thanks. Wyncia

  3. Have you ever made multiples of wool balls in the washing machine using the leg of a stocking? I have a needlefelted pumpkin tutorial that gives the step-by-ste. Goodle Easy peasy pumpkins for the directions. I can’t wait to see your kitties all gussied up!

  4. You are sooo clever Mimi! And you have such patience to make practice dolls from your patterns… I just dive right in and cross my fingers that they will work!!

    Don’t you just love the creative freedom of kids? Their placement and colour choices are uninhibited by the burdens of “getting it right”

  5. Hi Mimi,

    I have used the pattern you made for purl bee to make a doll. I have changed some of the materials and the dress, which is not in felt, is removable. The doll can change the dress. The doll has presently 3 different dresses in japonese fabric. I am trying another one that is not made in felt. The doll is now smiling. I would like to share with you resault of my work. How can I do it?

    Thank you very much for making the pattern avalable.

    Thanks to you I am having great time!

    Mar Saraiva

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