Renegade report

Brooklyn was amazing!

I’ve collected some links to other Renegade reports- the ones that mention me… yeah, because that is why I found them!

The baby stuff at coos and ahhs, a great post including a link to the fantastic marching band, here at 13th Street Studio, and my wonderful booth neighbors- Skylark Studio, Melanie Linder Design, and chez sucre chez who has also posted an excellent report. Thanks for making it such a fun neighborhood!

I saw BoBo Babushka, but missed so many fantastic people who were also exhibiting. Mostly I stayed very busy in my booth the whole 2 days. My husband ran to the local market for water and iced coffee to keep us hydrated. It was very hot both days and some crazy exciting weather on Sunday, but we survived and had a wonderful time.

I met so many nice people who came to my booth- blog readers (THANK YOU!!!), so many people from Etsy, old friends, friends of friends,and new friends. The lovely Floresita of Feeling Stitchy came by. I was so very happy to meet her. I’ve admired the fantastic job she does, keeping us fed on interesting/unusual/contempory embroidery. Richard Saja introduced himself to me, saying- We have been mentioned in the same articles. Wow- he is way more Art then me- His work is awesome.

A few funny things I remember-

toddler points at tattoo man doll and says- look! Somebody made Daddy!

Lady say- these are too expensive. I say- they are not too expensive. You just don’t want to pay that much.

Man says to me as he is walking out of the booth- Excellent business model! ( I think my mouth probably dropped in surprise)

And, there was a FREE photo booth.

Now, time to get back to the studio!

13 thoughts on “Renegade report

  1. So Cool! I will remember the you don’t want to pay that much line. I usually just stand there when they say “I could make that” and think, but you didn’t. I did!

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. So glad the show was good! My favorite part of doing shows is the crazy/mean/funny/odd/unbelievably nice things people say. Wish I could have been there to see your great work in person.

  3. I’m sure if that person could see the hours you invest in brining each doll to life, the entire process from start to finish, she would realize your work is worth every penny.

  4. Hi Mimi,

    I hope it isn’t too bold of me to ask, but did you make a profit from the show? I am trying to make a living from selling my work at art festivals, and from my own experiences lately, I haven’t made my entrance fee. Add to that transportation, food and a place to stay. Also, have you found the economy affecting your sales? I completely respect your privacy, if you don’t want to share this information.

  5. As far as the prices being high quote, I’m appalled that someone would say that to you, although I did have a crazy old Italian lady say that to me about my $5 handmade ornaments once. I wish I had your line back then. Kudos for not exhibiting violence! And glad the rest of your weekend went well! Love the toddler comment, that is priceless :)

  6. Looks like it was a great show. Hope you did really well. I am shocked someone would say your prices are too high, too. But I LOVE your response! Right on the money! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  7. Hi Mimi!!

    I had such a great time with you and your husband – I couldn’t ask for better booth neighbors! thanks for all the help during the crazy insane wind!

    and how did I miss Richard Saja!?! I saw his exhibit at the Shelburne Museum! I bet he loved you! and I loved the quotes – people are nuts!

    hope to see you again at another fair!

  8. wow Mimi! As always you amaze me! Your booth looks wonderful and all your new dolls are great! I wish I was able to come see you in person. Good luck with the show!

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