Probably the best thing about having a blog is the people I have met because of it. Traveling is so much more fun when I meet up with people who actually live in the place I’m going to be. I was able to connect with 2 people in Paris.

Catherine invited me to her doll-making gathering. Her website is here.

The dollmakers meet at a store that repairs dolls, music boxes and mechanical toys and is part of the Le Viaduc des Arts (which is under the Promenade Plantee from the roofs post). It was a beautiful day and they were sitting out on the sidewalk in the sunshine, working on dolls. Wonderful!

She showed me many dolls she has made. The Purl girl in the photo above was made by her 12 yo daughter! And, aren’t these clothes pin dolls amazing? I love the ribbon joints.

Another day, I met up with Laure for lunch and a drive out of town to see her family’s country house. Paris was terribly hot and it was a treat to get out among fields and trees. The house and grounds were lovely.

A structure in the woods- a Folly maybe?

And inside the house- what a beautiful chandelier.

Old walls and the road.

I actually spent some time in the studio yesterday. Hopefully I will have some finished work to show by next week.

8 thoughts on “connections

  1. Isn’t that the truth re: blog friends and connecting with people around the world? Your visits look like so much fun! And that country house…just like home, huh? ;-)

  2. Thanks for posting the photos. They’re beautiful. Those dolls are so charming!

    I envy that doll making get together. I’ve often longed to start a crafting group. I hate working by myself – it’s so isolating!

  3. You must be just bursting with ideas that were sparked by your trip. The texture, patterns and general aesthetic of France is wonderfully inspiring!

  4. The peg dolls are delightful! And what a house! Great to travel vicariously with you and lovely to see what your eye focuses on – that dilapidated gazebo, for example. Look forward to hearing more about your trip.

  5. Oh my gosh! What kind of family house is that????!!!! I’m from Paris, I can tell you, not everybody has a family house like that!!! Yes, that is envy you can feel in my tone…

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