this week

I’m working on some things that I can’t show and that is a bummer. But, look who came to visit me yesterday!

Salley! I was even able to uncover a chair for her to sit on. hmm, yes, the studio is a pretty big mess these days. I got to see her cover art for the January Horn Book magazine. There is no describing how amazing that piece is in real life. No matter how wonderful the photo turns out to be, it is not the same. I feel so lucky to have seen it!

And, here are some thrift goodies, all disassembled, washed and ready to go.

I believe it is a law of thrifting that if you are looking for something specific, you will never find it. Even if it is something perfectly ordinary- like the time I needed a plain white sweater. I could not find a single one in 5 different thrift stores. I am indeed looking for something specific- a gray wool fair isle sweater. I didn’t find one but found some other goodies. I’m not complaining. I now have a good excuse to do some more searching this weekend.

Lastly, I hope to have an update in the next few days about the Scotch and Soda copying/stealing situation. I appreciate all the support you have given me so far. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “this week

  1. Well, I happen to have a grey fair-isle cardigan in my stash! That’s a law of blogging, btw: that if you blog about looking for something, a commenter who lives a gazillion miles away will pop up and tell you they have the very thing in their stash! :)

    Rooting for you over The Situation.

  2. This is one meeting I would like to have been part of! Or at least a fly on the wall. I hope you have positive news on the Scotch and Soda debarcle.

  3. Yes, I agree with your “Law of Thrifting,” that you never find what you need WHEN you need it, which is why I’m up to my ears in stuff I buy for WHEN I need it, down the road. I gotta get organized!!!!!

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