the weekend

The SOWA Holiday Market is usually 2 days but was only one day (Saturday) this year. People really wanted to come!

Apparently the line was like that for much of the day.

Here is my booth. (Sorry about the bad photo. My camera seems to be developing focus issues. Is a 3 year old digital camera geriatric?)

This is just one side but at least it is in focus-

The show was fun, busy, exhausting!

On Sunday I went to the Art Institute of Boston to see an amazing show– the work of Chris Sickels of the Red Nose Studio.

Sorry- more terrible photos. Go to his website to get a good idea of how incredible his work is. He makes these figures and then photographs them for his illustration work. I love seeing pieces like this close up and in person- the details of the stitches and fabric choices are what interest me most. The show is only up for a few more days but if you are in the Boston area, I would highly recommend it. And it is free!

I am planning on going to NYC at the end of the week so I can see the Luvable and Hugable Show. Is there any other shows I should go see while I am there? Any other general recommendations?



6 thoughts on “the weekend

  1. Wow, HUGE lineup! Hopefully they’ll revert it to two days again! Glad you had a fun time (despite how hectic it likely was!).

  2. Great link, Mimi!

    Now I have to go find the wine for the Blasted Church set. Those are *great* labels! :) By the way, I’m lovin’ my Tiny House. It’s a gem!

  3. Some friends of mine just got back from NY, and they LOVED the Steampunk Christmas window display at Macy’s. :) I saw a short video of it on YouTube and looks beautiful. Have fun in New York! Angela

  4. Congratulations on back-to-back successful weekends! And thanks for the tip on the Red Nose Studio exhibit. We’re going to head over there on Saturday to check it out!

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