Salley’s New Book! Give-away ahead!

I am so pleased to be part of the blog tour for Salley’s new book, Felt Wee Folk! Yes, we are friends, but that is not influencing my opinion that this is an amazing book.

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I received an e-copy to review but I’m an old-fashioned kind of craft book reader and I was thrilled when I got my hands on the paper edition. There are so many beautiful photos and projects and so much inspiration! I love how she choose to make families of dolls and also dolls for specific occasions like wedding cake toppers and a nativity scene. There are a variety of doll sizes shown although they are all (in my doll-making world) on the tiny size- 1 1/2″ baby to 4 1/2″ grown-ups.

As I paged through the book, what caught my eye was the variety and I think anyone interested in embroidery and or doll-making would find something fun to do. There are instructions for simpler versions that a child could do and the projects ramp up to higher skill levels and detail work. My most favorite ones are the doll house family. I would have loved having them as a child or making them when my kids were small. The wonderful thing is, these are dolls that can actually be played with, not something that has to be appreciated from the shelf.

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Another project that I loved was the Hansel and Gretel dolls for a candy house. You could make an entire Christmas tree covered in all the characters that Salley came up with. And that is only if you stick with her designs because I can see using her book as a jumping off point to make all the characters for your own story or adventure.

There might be confusion that it is just an updated version of her earlier craft book, Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects since it has almost the same title, but really, it seems all new! I would think of it as an add-on instead. There were some non-doll felt projects in the first book that she left out and that leaves room for a lot more dolls. The photos are all new and there are many lovely fabric scenes that are what I think of when I imagine Salley’s artwork. I love this one-

3:6:wee folk 2

So here is the fun part- there is a book give-away! Anyone can enter- US address wins a hard copy book, International wins an e-book. Post a comment on the blog by midnight (Eastern Daylight Time) Sunday, March 15 and I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. Remember, you must come over to the blog and leave a comment to be entered. I can not count emailed comments.

If you NEED the book immediately, here are some other options- Amazon


or Salley’s Etsy shop where you can get all her books, supplies, posters and all sorts of goodies.

I thought this was cool too- A Child’s Dream, where I buy lots of my felt, has put together this basket and also a felt collection, designed for these projects.

And, lastly, if you are anywhere in the Boston area, you can see some of Salley’s original work in the next 2 months- the Lexington Library in March and then the Newton Library in April. Go see it if you can- they are work a trip. If you just want to take a virtual journey, check out the other blogs on the tour- everyone is having a give-away so you can enter them all!

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136 thoughts on “Salley’s New Book! Give-away ahead!

  1. I would love to have a hard copy of her book! We’ve already begun painting some faces :) and collecting supplies :)

  2. I am such a fan of Sally’s work and yours Mimi…I have enjoyed making Salley’s dolls from the first book and can’t wait to dive in with her new book!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents!

  3. The more I see of this book, the more I would love to have a hard copy. Since I can’t make the trip to see her work in person, it would be wonderful to be able to see it offline.

  4. I own the first book and plan on getting the new one. Her work as an illustrator is amazing. I also love your lumberjack.

  5. I love your dolls, especially the lumberman dolls. Living in Maine we see a lot of logging. I would love to win a copy of Salley’s new book.

  6. I’d love to have this book as a reference to make dolls for my young friends.

  7. Would love to make some of these with my older daughter! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Greetings from down-under. Wish I was in the USA to visit the libraries to see Salley’s work…. sigh. I thoroughly recommend her previous book and I am sure this one will be perfect too. Good luck Salley and thank you Mimi.

  9. I’ve been trying to make a Robin Hood doll set using Salley’s first book. Robin is actually features in book two so I cannot wait to see it!

  10. Love your work, Mimi! What a great book review too. Can’t wait to see Salley ‘ s new book. Thanks! Sheila

  11. What a lovely new book, the first book was great and this looks equally creative. Would love to own this and be able to make a dollhouse family for my granddaughter!

  12. I think these are beautiful crafted dolls and I would love to learn how to make them…..

  13. Thanks for reviewing Salley’s book and showing photos from inside. Thanks, too, for offering the book as a gift. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it!

  14. Your dolls are wonderful. Love Salleys new book. I make dolls myself, it’s so much fun.

  15. Beautiful book…generous offer. Have admired both Mimi and Salley for years. Kudos.

  16. I am thrilled to see Salley’s newest book, her work and artistic talents are clearly on display, she’s so inspirational, thank you for sharing. I’m hoping to be making a few Wee Folk soon.

  17. It is a wonderful world . An e-book would be great for me.
    bonne journée

  18. This book looks amazing and I know if you’re impressed by it, it must be. Hope I win, if not, it’s off to Amazon to buy one!

  19. Sally’s first book has been such an inspiration and I’d love to win a copy of her second one.

  20. I am very interested in making a Nativity set and even work at some extra animals. All of the Wee Folk I have made of Salley’s get to play a lot with my children. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. Sally’s work is stunning! I would love to have a copy of this book; I have all of her others.

  22. Wow! just the pictures of the book alone make my fingers itch to start making some of those cuties! Oh please, random generator, be generous & pick me for the book give away! thanks for all the doll inspiration, all you doll makers out there!

  23. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to re-create my childhood home in north Idaho, in dollhouse size. These tiny folk would be perfect to represent my family, in our little 2-story log cabin out in the woods! It would be wonderful to win this special book!

  24. This book looks like so much fun. I’ve been following Salley’s blog for so long. I’m so excited for her and for us that the book is finally here.

  25. What an amazing book, so much beautiful inspiration.

    Thanks for the chance to enter to win a copy.

    Adelaide, South Australia.

  26. Hello Mimi,
    I would be very glad to win the E-Book. This is exactely that what I am looking for to make some dolls for my Kindergarten children.
    Best regards from Bavaria/Germany

  27. Oh my! I adore her other “felt wee folk” book – my daughter and I spent some really fun hours making those dolls together. I’d LOVE a copy of this book! Thank you for the opportunity – you rock!

  28. Yep, I’m yearning for this book too!! I’m absolutely enamored with this art, which I’ve just recently discovered!! Your blog is really wonderful too!! Your lumberjack dolls are magnificent and your pod babies are darling! You really make them at a nice size too, wow! So impressive and inspiring!!! I’ll be around here often!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity and talents with us!! :)

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