helper wanted

8-7-fish - 1

I am looking for a very part-time helper- one day a week, 6 hours or so. I live in Arlington, a suburb of Boston. I need someone to help me do the things I do which would mostly be the machine sewing part of the making but also various random things like getting ready for shows, cutting fabric, tracing patterns, and on and on. If you are interested in hearing more, email me at

The photo is the 50 fish bodies I cut out this week- I love all the colors! Yes, I’d love some help sewing them up!

One thought on “helper wanted

  1. Hi Mimi, what a great opportunity! I wish I could apply, I live in Toronto, Canada and am a huge fan of your work and dolls! You’re brilliant, and I wish I could work with you. All the very best to you Mimi!


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