man in a kilt, lots of pics!

Yes, lots of pics. I couldn’t help myself!

3-17-man 6 - 1

Blue cotton kilt with cashmere hat and scarf.

3-17-man 6 - 2

And without his hat-

3-17-man 6 - 5

3-17-man 6 - 6

Goat, swan, foliage, on his arms.

3-17-man 6 - 3

Under the kilt (which is removable, btw)-

3-17-man 6 - 7

3-17-man 6 - 4

I know it is crazy for him to be bare-chested out in the snow, but really, no worries- he has a scarf and hat!

3-17-man 6 - 8

2 thoughts on “man in a kilt, lots of pics!

  1. I really want to purchase the green man, please let me
    Know where you sell these amazing dolls!!!!

  2. The dolls that are currently available are usually in my Etsy shop- unless I am working up to a show. Always feel free to ask!

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