Bisa Butler At Chicago Art Institute

I’m back from Chicago! We drove out from Boston, 3 days driving each way, and then a week in Chicago. We went to Alfred, NY and visited one kiddo, then to Cleveland (never been there before) where I saw Lake Erie, then onto Chicago where the other 2 kids live. I want to tell you about an amazing show we saw at the Chicago Art Institute.

We saw the art quilts of Bisa Butler. Here is a link to the info at the AIC where there are other pics from the show and also video interviews. I took detail photos of the work, not pictures of the whole pieces. Look at the AIC site to see the whole. I was so fascinated by her use of fabrics and colors and that is what I wanted to remember and study further. Some of the photos are not as sharp as I’d like so sorry about that.

A close-up of how she quilted the arm versus how the geometric pattern of the shirt is quilted.

All the colors in the faces.

The placement of the bold fabric patterns on the hat and jacket.

She uses netting (tulle) to create dimensionality in the skirt-


And there is her signature.

I just love this fabric with the clocks.

And the hair on this little girl- LOVE! Can you see that it is a 3-D organza rose fabric? I have a little piece of this fabric in red.

That’s all I’ve got. If you have a chance to see the show, I would highly recommend it. I will be thinking about her art for a long while.

2 thoughts on “Bisa Butler At Chicago Art Institute

  1. Thank you for these wonderful photos of Bise Butler’s work. She is an astoundingly good craftsman and artist. These portraits are so expressive and individual, but the first thing you notice in her work is COLOR.

  2. How lovely to share these pictures and this artist. ! Thank you !! Her colors are rich and quite vibrant. The quilts are amazing. I just love the young girl and woman with the blue face. Thank you Mimi. Will follow her

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