Hello From Chicago!

It’s been a while! We got to Chicago on April 3 with the kitties. We spent 2 months in Airbnbs- one month each so it wasn’t too terrible but really, it was enough. So, we have found an apartment and we will stay here until we find our next home. We moved in on June 1 and all our stuff arrived on June 7. We have spent the time since, setting up, sorting boxes, and all the rest of what you do after a move. I am working on getting my studio set up again. Also, acquiring all the necessities for shipping since I left that all behind. Baby steps to getting back to work. Once I have my new shipping label printer figured out, I will be able to re-open my etsy shop. I do know where the post office is so that’s a step in the right direction!

While I was in studio limbo, I had a few projects to work on. I worked on some summer clothes and some quilts. I had 2 quilt tops done but not backed or quilted. Here is the big quilt, laid out on the floor of an airbnb, getting basted together.

The apartment for the first week-

And then our stuff arrived- and that is just the beginning of the moving-in day.

This is going to be my workspace- I just have to figure out how to make the space useable-

It is all coming along. I have to get back into practice doing my blog and all the rest. We are settling in, even the kitties. They have their condo even if we don’t have ours yet 😸

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