robot 3

the one that got finished-


he’s about 24 inches long. Wool and brass washers with button ears.


Flopped over. This robot was inspired by the Tin Man from Oz and also by Hil’s post about Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Geesh, I still haven’t seen that movie…


This robot is much more of a doll then the other 2 robots, which are more like pillows. He is embellished with brass washers and I also used the washers for his shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints.

Garden pics

Some of my favorite garden things…





And, my computer is back to work- hurray! After it was returned from Apple, it was so slow, I couldn’t upload anything… that meant no blogs, no ebay, no photos, I could hardly read my mail – ahhh! Now I have new, super, stronger, better, fatter memory and we’re back in business!

stash improvement

After spending a few days doing dutiful daughter stuff, I needed to buy myself a present… I stopped at Wright’s Factory Outlet on the way home from Connecticut on Thursday. Oh, what fun!



I couldn’t resist this ball of yarn- I have no idea what I’ll do with it, but I love these colors.