20 years

Today is my 20th year of blogging. This past year has been sporadic because of the great upheaval of moving and (hopefully soon) resettling. Hurray- we have a move-in date!

This was the first photo that I posted back in 2004-

The first post is a mess- repeated 4 times and the photo is very NOT right… ah, the olden days.

Blogging has been a joy. I always thought I’d do it whether anyone read it or not. It is my “filing cabinet” documenting every doll I’ve made since then. And, all the steps that took me to where I am now. It is a true online diary. I met so many interesting people, made friends, was inspired, and had so many opportunities because of this blog.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has been any part of this journey. I love and appreciate you all!