robot 7- fembot

Remember way back in July when I posted this as unfinished? I was making no progress so I put it aside. There is nothing like a deadline (or upcoming sale) to get me motivated and I’ve finally finished her!

robot 7

robot 7

robot 7 too

None of these photos are great but it is pouring rain so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…

She is big and solid and red and I think will be a real eye-catcher on my table.

0 thoughts on “robot 7- fembot

  1. Mimi, I love it! She’s really fabulous. I would elevate her and place her right in the center of your table. So eye-catching!

  2. I love this robot! She’s so feminine with that cute apron and belt. Definitely a “fembot”! I love the hook and eye components you used for the facial features, and the “push” tag above the chest buttons. I couldn’t read the ones on her waist – what do they say?

  3. she is SO cute! she reminds me of the ‘rosie’ character on ‘the jetsons’ cartoons! (knowing that kinda dates me, huh!) i liked her…she was fiesty, but loveable!

  4. to answer Juju’s question- no, not weighted really- I put my wool fabric scraps into the doll when I stuff them, along with the polyfill. Not mixed together but a wad wrapped with a layer of poly stuffing so there is not a noticeable lump or anything. They add a definite weight. When I do something like this I make an effort to get them close to the bottom. Then I sort of smack the bottom a few times to flatten it out and then she stands just fine!

  5. Love your blog – love the fembot (my daughter, too, overlooking my shoulder) – and I agree with your pricing scenario… I can’t keep track of what I do, so I go by a daily wage when pricing. Gallery fees are scary! How’d you make out at the Fiber Studio???? I love that place – it’s only 30 minutes from my house but I only make it out there once or twice a year.