flower power

I’ve had a great week. I haven’t gotten much work done, but it has been good. The weather has been cool and fall-like. School is settling in. I like the more structured schedule of the days. I’ve had the opportunity to talk craft with several people- the kind of conversations that charge you up and are exhausting at the same time because they get your brain working in new directions.

I am working on postcards- these are a celebration of the end of summer garden.





My camera seems to understand the color of grass- if I include grass in my pictures, all the other colors seem to be right. Funny, eh?!

11 thoughts on “flower power

  1. Oh, Mimi! So delightful on every level – composition, color, complex, layered happy yummy! So sweet! I sure do hope these become available as prints or cards, pretty please! – Sew on, Tesse

  2. Oh, my gosh! These postcards are so beautiful and charming! I love the texture of all your stitching, and the colors, and the faces in your flowers! Wonderful, wonderful!

  3. So gorgeous and a helpful way to say goodbye to this year’s summer flowers. I too would love to have these as cards or prints!?


  4. I need to find the “grass” that my camera likes too – colours can be so weird. Prints of your postcards would make wonderful cards – they are truly works of art.

  5. living in the charmed and innocent world of Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men wqith the presence and wisdom of little weed

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