more tattooed men


Tattooed man #3. He is the tallest, because he stands on his toes.


Some people felt that the black toile print looked like body hair instead of tattoos.

and here is Tattooed man #4-



Here is a close-up of his feet. I’m thinking of this as a cowboy boot style. In the top photos, where he is lying flat, they point down. Below shows him standing.


I had a technical problem with these guys, especially #3. I use a water soluble marker to draw faces on my dolls before I embroider them. I have had no problem with these markers when I’ve used them on wool(except that they seem to dry up very quickly!). I draw, then embroider, then give a spritz of plain water with a spray bottle and all marks are gone. The cottons I’ve been using are reacting differently. I spritz, the blue disappears, and then when the doll is all dry again, the blue has migrated to somewhere else. When I unpacked #3 man at the Market on Sunday, he had a blue mark across his face- I was so frustrated. I must have wet his face 5 times already! So, he did not get displayed. Yesterday, I submerged his whole self in the bathtub and have hopefully flushed all that blue out of his system. But, I’m going to give it a few more days before I am confident it won’t come creeping back.

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  1. I’ve only had one problem with markers and cotton. Fabric was from Jo-Ann’s. The stuff from my local quilting shop is fine.

    Love the tattooed guys. lol @ body hair. Didn’t notice that myself but it’s funny.

  2. I abolutely love your tatooted men! I don’t think it looks like body hair.


  3. Those water soluble markers get me every time. I’m using a fine point one now and don’t seem to have as much comeback as with the felt tipped ones.

  4. I use the purple air-soluble ones – which also can be washed out with water. I have NEVER had it come back. I had been warned away from the blue markers by quilters – they are horrible and it’s near impossible sometimes to get it all out – always comes back when dry. I hope you have managed to get all the ink out.

    Love these tattooed guys! Great body shape.

  5. These are great, Mimi. I especially like the way you placed the blue prints to showcase the animals.

  6. Mimi

    The manly men are fabulous! What do you stuff them with? I am just starting to do cloth dolls. I tried the JoAnn Poly stuffing. The doll feels weirdly light – did I not use enough stuffing?

    Can you point out a tutorial on how to get the dolls stuffed?

    Thank you

  7. I’ve had the same experience with the blue pen! I used it on a little quilt I embroidered and I had to wash it several times to get rid of the colour and I think it still is a little visible.

  8. This is the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in a long time! I love your tattooed men.

    I use the purple air soluble pens, which also go away with water. I always pat them with a dry towel after I wet them to soak up the water (and ink?) … maybe that would help with the blue.

  9. oh my gosh, they are so freaking awesome!! i sure hope craftland gets a few…i bet they will do really well! :D infact, i think i might need one…

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