Fairy Grandmother

So much more sensible then a fairy godmother!


She is a garden fairy, but no gauze-like raiment for her- she is wearing a very warm and sensible woolen coat.



I was thinking of these as fantasy tropical birds- not  actually peacocks.

Her wings are knitted wool lace and her fairy slippers- wool with angora puff.


When I was in the fabric store recently, I found this little hook in with the drapery hardware. It is just the ticket for hanging up the wool dolls. I think it might damage cotton though. I bought 10 of them to test out- ten cents each.


19 thoughts on “Fairy Grandmother

  1. Oh, Mimi! Isn’t she something! The fairy wings are just the right texture to go with that sensible woolen coat of hers! And how I love those tropical birds who adorn her. You are an inspiration!!!

  2. How wonderful, the concept of a Fairy Grandmother. She’d materialize a ball gown for you to wear to the dance, and then pitch in and help you get your taxes done so you could go!

    I adore this doll. Such beautiful stitchery, and her hair is the best shape ever.

  3. i love the knitted lace on the wings and they way they are sewn to the wire. the peacocks are beautiful and those hooks certainly are perfect. i’ve used stitch markers in the past, but you do have to sew those on.

  4. I like so many things about this doll: her smiling eyes, wings, hair, sensible coat with amazing embelishments, dainty shoes! Just darling.

  5. I adore her just as I do all the dolls you make with so much love and attention to detail. I love the wool lace wings. Genius. I am ready to start selling a few dolls now and would love to hear a few words from you about etsy and pricing.

  6. She’s really great. I especially love the blue hair – I wish all ‘blue haired old ladies’ had such style.

    Although it wouldn’t really be seen much it might be fun to have a small leaf on the rear side – since there is so much fabric real estate back there.

    You do beautiful work!

  7. This is my first comment. So I hope it works. I love the birds on her coat. I also love her blue hair.

  8. I love her! and those birds are really wonderful…I want a Nature grandma!
    Love everything you do…all your creations make me smile!

  9. I love the fairy grandmother! Instead of a wand she should have one of those aluminum canes with the four prongs on the bottom.

    She’s much more appropriately dressed for this weather than the fairies in the pictures my daughter looks at on the internet, which look like Victoria’s Secret models with wings.

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