happiness is starting new projects

?  That has got to be the reason for what has been going on in my studio this past week!

I am having a little problem with my focus. I started by cutting out three grandmas- a doll that has been waiting in line to be made for a long time-

but I needed to cut out some babies too, because I had *an idea*. (six babies) Actually, several design images floating around in my brain that really need to land on something soon-

So, I’m going along, working on the grandmas, and I get frustrated with the face (that is why it is not showing in the picture). Instead of moving over to the projects that I have already cut out, I start thinking about some gifts on my list. So, I cut out three tote bags-

hmmm. Now they are partially done too. Oh well, sooner or later I will have a finished project to show you- because I’ve got 12 of them going here!

2 thoughts on “happiness is starting new projects

  1. I too know the joy of starting lots of new projects. Sometimes I get a bit overly into the starting and fail to get to the finishing, but I am working on this tendency as there is a different satisfaction that comes from being able to show of the finished items and brag…I did this. But isn’t wonderful and frustrating when we have so many ideas of things to that we have lots of energy to begin new things. Good luck with your wonderful excess of ideas.

  2. Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday…Happy Brithday…Happy Birthday to you.. I know Leos love excess.

    Many returns of the day.


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