And photos from Today

As you will see, it is still very much a work in progress. The photos are not great because it was a very wet and dark day today.

I have been bringing plants over whenever the temperatures are moderate. I was/am worried about moving them in Chicago winter when the apartment is finally ready. I got rid of the regular size fridge and got a little one.

The kitchen area- I took off the doors of the upper cabinets and will use the shelves as display space. The unit has 10 ft ceilings so I was never going to use them for storage.

I am still unpacking boxes and trying to find places for everything. Yesterday I put up the track and bracket shelves- more room for all my treasures! Mid-photo is my sewing machine, ready to get back to work. Actually, I already made myself 2 smock tops last week. It was sort of a clothing emergency!

You can see that I’ve got a table set up in the middle of the room- our former dining room table. And to the left of that is my flat file where I store my felt and buttons.

And here you can see into the former “sleeping nook” (that’s how it was described in the listing). My IKEA unit is mostly filled up, no surprise!

There will be a lot of rearranging in the next year or so as I settle into the space but it already feels like my place. It is making me so happy.

Studio Makeover

Some photos of the studio transformation.

All the orange is gone and the trim needs to be painted. I scheduled the movers for 10 days after the closing and Thanksgiving was in the middle of that, so the schedule was very tight.

I will admit that the trim only got painted where I knew I was putting things… The rest is still on the to-do list.

This was halfway through the load in. The movers completely covered the rug with my stuff.

And then I went to IKEA and spent some $. Perfect fit!

And here is the big day when I brought my sewing machine to her new home :-)

Here is a short video of the mess.

2 More Tiny Worlds

I’ve had a very busy birthday week- now that I’m in Chicago, I can celebrate with my kids which is awesome. I went and saw Barbie with my daughter. It was a delight.

The latest Tiny Worlds-

According to the name of this china pattern, this is a wood anemone. When I google that, I saw mostly white flowers but who am I to question the bottom of a teacup!

And another Blue Willow cup. I love these classic patterns!

Tiny Worlds 3 and 4

I was the lucky recipient of some beautiful tea cups in the lead-up to the move. I was wavering if I should accept them since I was packing up my whole life but I’m so glad I took them. Now I can think about my friends as I make each Tiny World.

This one looks so summery!

And this one is such a formal pattern. These two cup designs are practically opposites.

Side Project- Gnomes

Maybe I should call them settling in projects. That’s what they feel like.

I bought these 4 gnomes many years ago (maybe 25?) in Paris and they came home with me in my carry-on. They lived in our front window, watching the world go by. I noticed how faded they were when I packed them up for the move. Once all our boxes arrived, I unpacked them and found my paints and brushes and got to work. Pictured above: 1 red hat.

It was harder that I was expecting- I am out of practice mixing paint colors!

Hats, shoes, skin tones painted. Of course I forgot to paint the ear on the one fellow that has them so had to go back later and try to match. As I said, out of practice with the color mixing.

All Done!

And now they are back in a new window.

When I made some Gnome dolls and here.

2022- Dolls in Review!

I’m a little late with this- that sums up what the last 6 months have been like around here! Among other things, when I went back over my photos, I’d messed up my counting and I had to clean up that mess. So, here we are finally!

I will start with 25 Tiny World pincushions, not dolls.

Tiny World 2, 2. Tiny World 5, 3. Tiny World 4, 4. Tiny World 3, 5. Tiny World 1, 6. Tiny World 7, 7. Tiny World 6, 8. Tiny World 9, 9. Tiny World 8, 10. Tiny World 11, 11. Tiny World 10, 12. Special Order Tiny World, 13. Red Transferware Tiny World, 14. Fancy cup pincushion, 15. Tiny World with Blue Flower Bush, 16. Farmyard Pincushion, 17. Farmyard Pincushion, 18. Desert House Pincushion 1 and 2, 19. Tiny World Pincushion, 20. Tiny Snowy World, 21. Tiny Snowy World, 22. Tiny World Pincushion, 23. Tiny World Pincushion, 24. Pincushion in a Calico tea cup

36 Fresh fish-

Red Fish 3 and 4, 2. Red Fish 1 and 2, 3. Blue Fish Pillows, 4. Blue-Green-ish Fish Pillows, 5. Green-ish Fish Pillows, 6. 2 Gold(ish)fish, 7. 2 Purple-y Red Fish, 8. 2 Green Fish, 9. 3 Wool Fish Pillows, 10. 2 Sweater Fish, 11. 3 Green Fish, 12. Blue Fish and Blue-Green Fish, 13. White and Gray Fish, 14. Pink Fish, 15. Autumn Fish, 16. Red Plaid Fish, 17. Blue Plaid Fish, 18. Purple Fish, 19. Purple-red Fish, 20. Blue-green Fish

14 Kitties, 1 Cat Lady

Untitled, 2. Mamma Cat, 3. Blue-eyed Kitty, 4. Kitty is shopping, 5. Untitled, 6. Going Fishing Cat, 7. Kitty in a Red Jacket, 8. OrangeMan 2002- 2022, 9. Aqua Kitty Girl, 10. Black Kitty, Liberty dress, 11. Black Cat in Striped Jacket, 12. Cat in a Plaid Jacket, 13. Charlie, 14. Fancy Fox Lady, 15. Fox Lady Goes Shopping, 16. Cat Lady Pillow Doll

12 Mermen

Blue Merman, 2. Merman with tall ship tattoos, 3. Merman with skeleton tattoos, 4. Orange Hair Merman, 5. Red-Haired Merman, 6. Purple-haired Merman, 7. Silver-tailed Merman, 8. Tentacle Merman, 9. Dark Blue Merman, 10. Merman with sea creatures, 11. Merman with Whales, 12. Purple Merman

18 other men

Corn Farmer, 2. Man with hunting tattoos, 3. Greenman, 4. Greenman 2, 5. Big Blond Lumberjack, 6. Lumberjack in Red-check Shirt, 7. Lumberjack 3, 8. Lumberjack 4, 9. Lumberjack in Plaid, 10. Man with Red Pants, 11. White-Haired Pirate, 12. Man in a Kilt doll, 13. Strongman with Goddess Tattoos, 14. Big Man in a Red Kilt, 15. Big Man in a Striped Bathing Suit, 16. Sepia Man, 17. Tattooed Man in Red Pants, 18. Man with skater tattoos, 19. Owl 1, 20. Owl 2

26 Owls

2 Dark Owls, 2. snowy owl, 3. Snowy Owl, 4. 2 Brown Owls, 5. Brown Owl Face, 6. Brown Owl Face, 7. Gray Owl, 8. Brown Owl, 9. 2 Snowy Owls, 10. 2 Dark Owls, 11. 3 Brown Owls, 12. Rust Owl, 13. Brown Owl, 14. Tan Owl, 15. 2 more owl dolls, 16. 2 owl dolls

And 3 Swaddled Babies, 11 Dogs…

Blond Flower Baby, 2. Blue Flower Baby, 3. Magenta Flower Baby, 4. Black Pug Fellow, 5. Pug Girl 1, 6. Cute Girl Pug, 7. lady gardener dog, 8. Cowboy Dog, 9. Bird Dog, 10. Dapper Dog, 11. Little White Dog, 12. Hiker Dog, 13. Folktale Puppy Girl, 14. Dog with a pipe, 15. Greenman 2, 16. cats – 1

and me. And Winifred and Jasper, the adorable kitties that came into our life almost a year ago!

That is 121 dolls plus 25 Tiny Worlds. I am surprised that so much got accomplished while I was clearing stuff out of the house, having a huge yard sale, flying to Chicago, and all the rest of the work of moving house after 36 years! We are still hoping to relocate in the Spring so fingers-crossed that our perfect new place will show up soon!