some Grandmas

Hey! I finished something today. 2 things actually- 2 Grandmas.

These are the baking cookies, carry a turkey in at Thanksgiving kind of Grandmas.

I had so much trouble with the faces. Usually the face is the most fun part for me, but this time I just wasn’t getting it right. I re-did them several times. Finally I got something I liked- a face that looks happy.

Here is Grandma #1-

I think the back of her dress is pretty-

Color inspiration-

And Grandma #2-

And the back of her dress. Fun with polka dots!

And here are the 2 friends, sitting on the stoop after a hard day of cooking delicious food-


10 thoughts on “some Grandmas

  1. oh i bet they have some knitting and embroidery to work on as they talk! they are really beautiful – i love their shoes.

  2. These grandmas are too cool. I should also just say ‘hi’ too, as I haven’t commented before but have been lurking for a while.


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