lady with wave hair




Here is a peril of working with reclaimed materials- sometimes, after the artwork is very far along, I find a problem. Since this doll is unlikely to get rough handling (I assume), I didn’t think it was toss worthy and so I made a little mend.



The next lady is on my desk. The computer is too and that is not a typical sight in my studio. I try to keep the computer out because it is so distracting. But, I am working away on my kitty pattern, getting very close finishing. So, there it is.


11 thoughts on “lady with wave hair

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  2. Hi, Mimi. I love these tattooed ladies. Do you think it would be interesting to make some pregnant tattooed ladies? that would be so cool :=)

    I’m re-reading your entire blog for…I don’t know…maybe the 5th time. Still enjoy it a lot!

  3. oooo one time i found a hole at the end of the toe. looked like a hole in the sock! hate it when that happens. great fix though.

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