fox boy 2

the vest has snaps and his bag has a button-

I hope to have this adorable fellow in my etsy shop later today. But, the distractions are crowding in. Christmas is looming and I am finally thinking about it. Made the first batch of cookies last night and bought a couple of gifts. That equals not much time for the studio, but I am hoping to put in a little time every day and avoid the crash that always comes after Christmas. As always, a new theory.

4 thoughts on “fox boy 2

  1. Ah, to be better organized in the new year. What, was I dreaming again? Usually, those who finish all their projects, are the ones who don’t start many. Where’s the fun in that?

  2. They remind me of the Mr. Fox movie last year. I think it’s the bag… for stashing stolen goods.

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